Many of my trusted clients tell me that they are often put off booking so-called escort girls in Russia

because they often look rather obvious, and that they are scared that if they are seen in a restaurant

with them, then everyone will know that they are with an escort. With me, you can expect no such issues,

as I like to look good in a grown-up and discreet way, wearing beautiful yet conservative clothes at all

times in public, and make-up which compliments my natural beauty.


My demeanour is ideal for the mature gentleman who wishes to enjoy life with a beautiful companion

in a relaxed and erotic manner. On my portfolio page you can see for yourself how I look, and I hope y

ou will agree that I manage to find the right balance between natural beauty, feminism and eroticism

on one hand, and class and discretion on the other. I practice pilates several times a week which

gives me a slim and supple body which you will definitely enjoy.


With me by your side you will feel like a king, and your acquaintances and passers-by will never imagine

that you are with an escort companion, since I am always discreet and natural. Instead, people will just

be very impressed with your tastes, as well as becoming a little jealous of you...


I am available to meet you as your mature escort in Moscow.  

So if you need an elite mature escort, please contact me to arrange a date, as it would be my pleasure

to accompany you.